Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Still in Cape Otway

Coming to the end of my stay here, unfortunately hit a problem in as much as when I had planned to leave this Friday it is an Australian public holiday and all trains to Sydney are booked. So now having to stay another few days until Monday train up to Sydney and try to change my flight and fly out of Sydney. Decided to just be a tourist for the last few days instead of working. I actually fell and twisted my ankle a couple of days ago no big deal it's well on the way to mending.Weather has taken another turn and it's actually been blowing a gale and quite cold. At least it's eased the bushfire problem, people are quite obsessed with it understandably. The Bimbi family are still great and I opened my mouth yesterday and mentioned it was my birthday, they secretly went out and bought me a present and the next door neighbour-Pat was cooking me a cake but we had a power cut for 3-4 hours so couldn't finish it. But we all sat around the dinner table and talked over candle light. TTFN
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