Saturday, 7 March 2009

Return date revised

Because my leaving date from Cape Otway was scuppered, due to a public holiday and all the trains were booked up, I'm staying here until the 10th-3 days later than intended. I have changed my return date to the 18th and am now flying out of Sydney instead of Melbourne. I wanted to spend a decent amount of time in Sydney and not feel rushed, I also decided not to do another HelpX and just book myself into a cheap hotel and be a tourist for a week. I've actually moved accom here in Bimbi park because Frank and Kat had rented the caravan I was staying in for this weekend. I'm now sleeping in a loft room above a hay storage area. All very basic and rustic although potential to be a nice space overlooking the nearby hills. One downpoint is that there is a resident possum or two in the loft space and as they are nocturnal it gets a bit noisy at night! I've said to Kat that if I return home and get really bored at the end of our summer I might return and take up residence as the onsite artist and convert the loft. Again not really done any gardening here, although did clear a couple of areas of bush to be used as campsites. Basically been cleaning 'Dunnies' and the camp kitchen everyday and to be honest it only takes about 2 hours to do. Kat and Franks youngest-Nathaniel as adopted me, he is nearly 3 and as cute as a button. I've been introducing all the kids to Magical Trevor, Bonjour Monsieur and Kenya, Kat and Frank are horrified!!!(Sam, have you seen there are some good new toons, one about Somalia and another about Narwhals, hope you are getting better as well) We finally went for our horse ride this morning the horses have been resting for the past 10 days so we didn't do it before now. Before we set off I big grey caught my eye, his name was Finley and I was very happy when he was assigned to be my steed. It was very gentle and didn't require much action on our parts, the horses knew exactly where they were going but it was still really nice to see the countryside from an elevated position. Again loads of Koalas everywhere and another Kangaroo sighting. Returned, and Frank wanted to go diving but my head was still pounding from too much red wine last night, so I declined. It was blowing a gale and absolutely freezing the last time we went and I only lasted about 50 mins in the water before turning blue! Come to Australia, they said, it's warm and sunny, they said the last 3 days here have been windy, wet and cold, but then I checked the weather back home and it said 6 degrees so I didn't feel so bad. Anyway, I'll upload pics when I'm in Sydney and able to use my laptop. I arrive there on the 11th as I decided to take the overnight train, it'll be interesting to se how much it's changed. TTFN
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