Monday, 23 February 2009

Now in Cape Otway

Sorry no posts recently, connection here has been off for a few days, and other connection problems, sought of feels like the end of the world as no telephone signal either. Staying on a campsite called Bimbi park. Arrived in the meeting place Apollo bay to be picked up, but communication between hosts and me was a bit hit and miss i.e. they weren't replying to me. Eventually picked up by another frenchman Phillip and his girlfriend Faye. They are touring oz in a van they have bought, the great thing is that Phillip is a chef so food here is excellent. My hosts are a Greek couple Frank and Katrina who have 3 young sons. There is a bit of a story involving there middle son Dimitri why they moved here from Melbourne. You can read it on their website. I was taken into their home which was complete chaos and noise. Unfortunately the camp was full of kids when I arrived, and I thought it was going to be a nightmare. I wasn't sure about Frank either he is a loud gregarious big Greek man, with lots of attitude. But over the last 5 days they have proved to be the most welcoming generous people ever! I sleep in an old renovated caravan, do a few hours of cleaning-including toilets! and there's talk of some gardening, but they have a goat and sheep (Spirit and Chops, respectively) who wander freely and eat everything. Whilst I've been here we've Bean taken snorkelling twice, the very first time we saw a group of port jackson sharks sheltering under a rock we were so close I could have touched them, but they were only about 3 foot long and yesterday we went diving to catch Abalone and crabs and crayfish, the cray were elusive but we got the other two. Frank also took us kayaking on Saturday morning to a seal community. Let me tell you you smell seals before you see them! But he never mentions money and wont except anything. He's a real Bon viveur and loves his food, so we all get really well fed. The only problem is that it's a little isolated here with no public transport, although they do let us use one of their cars. I've decided to stay here until the 5th of March so will be here for my birthday. It still hasn't rained yet but they haven't had any bush fires here. It's a very scenic part of the world but I can't upload pics because I can't use my computer here. They have loads of chickens, ducks and geese that we have to feed water and collect eggs from, again they get let out to wander free from time to time. As we are in the bush proper we are also surrounded by real wild life. There are Koalas in the trees everywhere, its funny because on my first night I was woken by what sounded like pigs, but I knew there were no pigs on the site, its actually the noise Koalas make! I also went for a walk to the nearest beach called Station beach, a broad sweep of sand with dangerous high waves. On my way I disturbed something, I knew it was a fair size and topped in my tracks. It also stopped and turned around to look at me, it was a Kangaroo! There are also porcupine like things called Echidnas. I think I'm still on for a visit to Sydney before I return home on the 13th March, just need to clarify dates with my host. I'm gonna try and get into Apollo Bay the nearest town to see if there is a cafe with wireless connection so I can upload pics. We are also going to be taken on a horse ride at some stage, although the last time I got on a horse in Australia it was called 'Phsyco' and terrified me. TTFN
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