Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Moving On

Right now I'm sitting in Southern Cross station, waiting for my train to Geelong, I'd upload some photos of my past week but the connection is rather hit and miss. It's not been a bad week but no great excitement really. Only went for one hike in the Dandenongs, got lost as expected and had to find my way out of a steep valley, luckily I had my watch with a compass, I think if I hadn't been wearing that I'd still be in the forest. I didn't get to do any gardening at all, after installing the watre tank I fixed an old rocking chair and mended the Goodwood entrance sign. One bad point of the week was that I was expected to work every day including Sunday, obviously not all day, just the usual 4 hours but to be honest by the time I'd finished working I didn't really have the inclination to do anything else. I wasn't taken anywhere or shown the sites like my last hosts, but I think Robyn and Ken were preoccupied with their new grandaughter born a few days prior to my arrival. Although the only one of their sons to visit-Simon, only popped in to pick up their fishing boat and dropped it off without staying. It's a shame because all of the reviews I read about Robyn and Ken were about how they'd taken their workers here there and everywhere. A week was enough for me and they have said that I'm welcome to visit again in Oz or their place in the Lot region of France. I've got to make a move now, TTFN
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