Thursday, 12 February 2009

Busy Working.

Still in Montrose and everythings going fine. Work has been interesting and challenging, Robyn and Ken entrusted me with the installation of a water collection tank and I don't mean a silly little water butt like we buy in the UK but a mahooosive one, God knows how many gallons it holds. It had to be sighted behind there holiday cottage and by the way they're looking for someone to house sit for April. Unfortunately there was a rather inconveniently sighted hillside which I had to dig out to ground level. Then dig below ground level about 6 inches, create a wooden frame for the edge of the pit, fill with sand, sight the tank in the centre and level and then arrange allthe down pipes from the gutterring. The tank was actually Robyns christmas present to Ken, $1000 dollars worth. It took a day and a half and I am very pleased with the outcome, it all looks very good and more importantly they are over the moon. Because I decided to finish the job yesterday and worked all day I'm gonna go up into the Dandenong ranges today and maybe do a hike. There are loads of gardens to see and old steam train to ride, lots of quaint little tea shops selling devonshire teas. Not sure if it's going to be my sort of thing, but I'll go see any way. The only other development is that Robyn and Ken are registered foster carers and have taken in a young chap called Dylan who apparently had a terrible upbringing and consequently a few issues. They've known him since he was 7 so when he arrived with his social worker he felt straight at home and Bailey the dog loves him. We went out with the dog for a walk and had a chat, he's very confident and cheeky but has a nice personality, on the surface you wouldn't know he had problems. I think he indilges in telling a fib or two though! It's still lovely and warm but the wind picked up terribly last night and we had a power out for a few seconds. Thanks Deb for the picture of Sam and the email, he seems to have gone through the wars a bit I hope he's feeling a bit better now, Luren will have to keep a blog for her salamanca trip, with all the details and hunky spanish boys she meets, Bernard and Jen just took in HelpXers Deb as and when they needed something doing around the house. But it seemes like that if they liked you, you get an open invitation to return at any time, like she gave me. A trip up to Sydney is looking more likely now the lady I contacted up there keeps on emailing me about dates, although the work she wants doing is sort of blag it anyway. Unfortunately can't upload any pics at the moment because they don't have a wireless connection here, so am having to use their pc. Hope it's still wet and cold in London and if it's still like that in March I think I might stay for another month! TTFN!
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