Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I've moved to Montrose

Today left the Mornington peninsular and came to Montrose, an area 50 mins east of Melbourne. It is actually going towards the area of the bush fires, but only on the outskirts. I thought it was going to be very rural and remote but it isn't. The house is the polar opposite of where I've been staying thus far. It's heritage listed and all oldy worldy. It's got knick-knacks all over the place, and looks like something out of a style book about country living. Robyn met me at Croydon train station in a little Audi TT, not what I was expecting. I told her Croydon was much more bult up than I had expected and she said OH! Croydons just horrible, I said yes just like Croydon in the UK. She was very chatty, but seemed quite severe, I hope she's not an Aussie without a sense of humour. She is an emergency de-briefer and as soon as we got back to Goodwood-the name of their property, she got a phone call to go and do some work in the affected bush fire areas and left me alone. The cottage they rent out is in the grounds but totally self sufficient. To be honest the garden isn't very interesting or up to much, what is there has been burnt by the intense air temperatures. Ken her husband came home an hour later, a small chinese man, who was very friendly and made me feel welcome. He advises companies about environmental issues and how to reduce their carbon footprints. It appears that both Ken and Robyn were city high flyers, but decided to slow down and enjoy life more. To be honest I feel extremely out of my depth as they are both very confident and highly educated. They have 3 sons who are all high flyers as well. I've got a feeling our conversation will run out pretty quickly! They have a big dope of a golden retriever called Bailey and an old cat called Kitty. I know it's very early doors but I don't feel as relaxed and comfortable as on the Mornington peninsular and feel like this week as I've only commited to a weeks stay is going to be a long one. Oh! they also have a house in France in the Lot region which they spend 4 months in every year. Ken andhis eldest son also dabble in property development, I get the impression they are very driven people.
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