Monday, 9 February 2009

Last full day on he Mornington peninsular

I feel quite sad having to leave this lovely place and nice people. We've been joined unexpectedly by a Taiwanese girl called Sharon. She stayed here back in September and has been trying to make some money following the various fruit and vegetable harvests within the state. She said she needed a rest so decided to spend a week here, to be honest I'm not sure if Jen and Bernard were expecting her but because of the sort of people they are they didn't turn her away. She cooked us some delicious chinese food last night, her English isn't great and she has been travelling alone. Whilst talking with her I got the impression that she was feeling quite lonely and homesick, she says she has just been working all the time and not having any fun. It's really difficult and frustrating to try and hold any sort of conversation, but I tried to make her laugh. I'm sure they've been reported at home but the bushfires here on Saturday have been the worst in history, at the moment they are saying that 108 have died. The weather is absolutely crazy, veering from mid 40's on Saturday down to about 23 Sunday and today. The heat just came from nowhere, there was no build up it just arrived and left as quickly as it came. My worry was that the next place I am going to stay in, Montrose, is going towards where all the worst fires were. I contacted Robyn who owns the b&b I'm going to and asked if I should still come. She told me they are located on the edge of the damaged areas and have offered their services to help any people who have been made homeless. She said I should turn up as agreed, so it will be interesting to see how badly the area has been affected. I must admit I was thinking that I came to Oz for a working holiday and not to go into a war zone, but Jen has said if things don't work out I am welcome back here. Although she has now got news that two girls who were due here next week are coming tomorrow because the national park they were going camping in has been badly affected and closed. So when the Frenchies return she is going to have a full house. Her sister Catherine who owns the winery has been affected in as much as all of her grapes have been covered in ash and they think will be smoke tainted. Anyway Sharon's cooking again tonight and Jen's making a pavlova. I must say that even though the working conditions were sometimes extreme I have had a lovely time here. And the Rooneys have been the nicest Hosts ever.
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