Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Well That was That!

After our last disagreement, I started to consider what I was getting from this trip. The atmosphere had lifted after Monday night and the trip on Tuesday. We went to the opening night of the canoe building exhibition on Friday night, which was nice, but very small and then went for a drink in of all places a Cava bar-the stuff they drink in Fiji and as it turns out in all of Polynesia. We were giving all the information about the plant it comes from, shown pictures of it's chemical structure, it's cultural and religious significance by the totally over the top, character that owned the bar. Just a shame that the stuff tastes like dishwater. Even so it made a difference from staying at the house and going to bed by 9pm! We even went out again on Saturday night to a really cool old cinema and saw a documentary about a city garden that was re-possessed and destroyed in south central LA after being tended by hundreds of mainly Latinos who grew vegetables for themselves( a bit worthy, but interesting none the less). Saturday had been dull again, didn't want to spend time at the tiny overcrowded beaches, wasn't offered the use of the car until the afternoon and ended up going into Hilo to try and take some photos of interest, unfortunately wasn't successful! So I decided enougjh was enough and time to cut my losses. Changed my flight Sunday morning but was worried when I hadn't recieved an email confirming all day, so rang United airlines again and was told that there was no knowledge of a ticket change! So left Monday morning, on an early morning flight to Honolulu. Managed to get a few hours looking around in Waikiki, which was exactly as I remember it. full of rich Japanese tourists and swanky designer shops catering for them. The beach and waves are nice there though although really crowded. I came back via Chicago and Washington with really tight connections, I was still on the plane from Honolulu when I should have been boarding the Chicago, Washington flight. So ended up flying for virtually 19 hours straight. Was then greeted at Heathrow by the Tube strike, Welcome home! Basically Suzy and I were totally different people and didn't really gel, I guess I'd built up Hawaii so much in my mind before leaving and the reality didn't come anywhere close. All that combined with long periods of boredom, because of little to do locally, a feeling of isolation and a feeling of 'what's the point in this?' Shame, but stuff doesn't always work out, but if I hadn't of done it I never would have known and have forever asked what-if?
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