Saturday, 16 May 2009

La Sensoir!

Suzy went to a Salsa class last night which was held by her 'spiritual' friend called La Sensoir!!!! She sprung a surprise on me by telling me that La Sensoir might be staying in the house with me whilst she is away in California, so she thought we should meet! La Sensoir turne out to be just what I'd expected although not head to toe in Hippy Garb she was totally over the top and insisted on giving me a big hug to say'HI!'. Iwouldn't last 5 minutes in her company! They said I could come and watch the class but I knew I'd be dragged into the proceedings so opted to go to the pub instead. Suzy had pointed out her 'favourite' place in town, but before I went there I thought I'd see what the options were. Zilch! Nada! Nothing! it appears that Hilo is a one bar town so that's where I ended up. Having said that they do serve a nice pint of Guinness though!
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