Saturday, 16 May 2009

All is not completely well here in Hawaii. Prior to arriving here we had agreed that, the work exchange deal would be the usual 4-5 hours work a day for 5 days a week for Bed and Board. The problem with Suzy is that she is a woman possessed. Even though she is an old hippy, she is very driven and doesn't spend a second relaxing doing nothing. For instance she belongs to some sort of film club, and she had a film that was sent to her which she needed to see urgently before she sent it back. She turned the DVD on and sat down to watch but 2 minutes later she got up to get a bunch of mail she hadn't read and sat down doing both at the same time. Whilst painting she listens to self-help cd's, she is always on the go. She dissapeared in the car yesterday just as I was finishing my work, it turns out she went to buy all of the paraphenalia to fence the vegetable patch (against wild pig invasion). She returned having spent $400 and told me that because it was going to need some special tools which she didn't want to buy, that she had asked a local fencing guy to come and do the work on Sunday, who would need my help. I had to raise the issue of our agreed contract and she said it was the only time he could make it, and what she thought would be best was that I worked(hard) whilst she was here and then just did what I liked when she went back to the mainland. I insisted that I would rather stick to what we had agreed but of course would help as long as there was some give and take and I could take time off during the week as I hadn't come to Hawaii only to work. Today, Saturday she was up banging and crashing at 6am, she had said that the fencing guy was coming by today to look at the area to be fenced before coming to do the work on Saturday, but she said that the holes I had dug for the posts weren't deep enough so that's what she was doing at 6am as well as filling them with rocks and tamping it all down. I got up at 7.30 at went to say good morning and to see what she had been doing, she has also decided that we need to put a plastic barrier around the plot to stop the grass invading. All I can see are problems as the area is on a wicked slope and the surface undulates wildly. We also clashed about how to split the area up, I'm afraidshe's one of these people who insists on asking for your input(because she really wants it) and then totally disregards it as she's already got a preconceived notion as to what she wants doing! We drove into Hilo town today where she dumped me at a small food market that she thought I'd like(nothing special just food) and said she'd meet up in 2 hours. I grabbed some breakfast where I got chatting to the American girl who was serving who didn't stop talking at 100 miles an hour,and had a mooch around, to be honest there's very little to see and eventually met up with Suzy who was carrying lot's of shopping. One thing that blew my mind was that as we were walking to the car she stopped to buy a couple of plants one of which was a Dandelion which she paid $1.00 for!!!! and it wasn't even a very good specimen.I said I'm gonna start shipping them over. We returned to the house and she immediately got out the tools and started digging deeper holes and moving soil from one place to another. I feel quite bad, but this just isn't what we agreed.
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