Friday, 6 February 2009

Point Nepean national park

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Went for a walk 2 days ago to Point Nepean national park. Again it was awarm one, not a cloud in the sky. Took an hour by bus, going through small coastal towns with familiar names like Rye and Sorrento(very nice!). The situation is that you pay to get into the parl $7.00 and have the option of being ferried to a second entrance where the hikes start. Because I would have had to wait 40 mins for the next departure I decided to set off on foot, 2.5kms. In all I ended up waking 12 kms there and back, to be honest most of the trails were hidden in dense tee tree forests so there was nothing to see. I was a bit disappinted but the views came right at the end of the walk. The area is covered with lots of old military gun emplacemnets and small forts there is even an old cemetary and areas of unexploded mines. I think it has only been opened up within the last 10m years or so and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Just time it right.

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