Saturday, 7 February 2009

I'm off

Managed to get another host sorted out starting next Tuesday, it's in a place called Montrose 50 mins west of Melbourne, I have to get a train to Croydon of all places! The Aussies really haven't grasped that the way we garden is different in the UK because we don't have to contend with the extreme heat, for instance today saturday, it's forecast another 40+ degrees. The people in Montrose run a B&B a quaint little looking place, it's in the Dandenongs region which is supposed to be very beautiful. They wanted me to install a water tank, but I had to explain that it's not something I have any experience of as it's not something we need to do in the UK. They said to come anyway, so I played cautious and commited to only a weeks stay, if things work out as they did here I'm sure I'll be able to extend. As is always the case as soon as I said yes to going, the people who I really wanted to go and stay with in Cape Otway came through, 2 weeks after I'd contacted them, and said I was welcome there! So I've arranged to go there the week after. These are the people who own a camp site and said I'd could stay as long as I like. I also looked into going up to Sydney for a week, staying in a backpackers (but not sharing a dorm, I'm too old for that!) I looked into the fares, I could fly but when I checked out bus and train fares I was very surprised. It's a 12 hour trip, so 24 hours return and the fare is aus$90.00-£45, now how much would that journey cost you in the UK?. Anyway Jen and Bernard are going to a neices 21st birthday party today, Bernard isn't returning as it's near to their other house where he works all week, so I'll say my goodbyes to him today. We ended up last night after a huge chinese take away, having a bit of a drink (as usual) when Jens friend Deniece and husband Jeff came round. Bernard kept on saying why don't I stay here and look after their garden for ever!-he'd had a few by then, but was nice and said how much he'd enjoyed my stay and that he'd miss me when gone. Jens being very tight lipped, just winding me up really and not saying whether I've been a good guest or not! There was also a big debate about whether they are going to build a swimming pool or not, Bernards not too keen and would rather a covered eating area, but Jen and Luke are putting the pressure on. Anyway I had intended doing something today, probably going into town but because of the weather I don't think I'll leave the house until late afternoon and then to go to the beach for a swim. It's funny 3 weeks into my trip and with the extreme temperatures, I find myself getting up in the morning and wishing for an overcast day-how quickly things change.
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