Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Everyones gone!

Another Frenchman Jeremy, arrived last evening, Jen wasn't sure if he was going to turn up or not but he called out of the blue and said he was on his way. I met him at the bus stop with Nala, Luke's cocker spaniel, who I try to walk most evenings. He seemed like a very nice chap from a small place near Bordeaux, he'd only been in Oz for 3 weeks, working at a equestrian centre in North Melbourne. He had supposed to be going to Jen's sister's, who has a winery in a place called Maffra, but things seemed to have got lost in translation. Anyway Jen has decided that as her sister needs people up there at the moment to start the first of the grape picking (chardonnay) I believe, she has ferried Jeremy, Davide and Sandrine up there to help out for the next 5 days. So for the moment has left me and Luke her son alone for a couple of days, to fend for ourselves. Luckily the temperature has dropped to a very comfortable 30ish degrees with a nice cooling breeze. Tends to be overcast in the mornings clearing up as the day wears on. I'm still not sure what my next step will be, the place I was expecting to go to haven't got back to me so I'm not even pursuing it anymore. I have 3 offers on the table, none of them perfect, the one I'm leaning to at the moment is in Preston about 7 miles north of central Melbourne in a homestay with a yoga teacher and her family. It's all pretty vague she says they have a garden but i've no idea how big etc I suppose the appeal is that it's a step into the unknown and you never know I might start doing some yoga! The other offers are with b&b places that look very nice but are in the coutryside, which if isolated could be a little limiting. The work sounds very hard in both as well! Anyway it's 3.15 sun is shining sky is blue, I think I'm going to jump on the moutainbike and ride to the beach for a swim. Looks like with all the snow you've been having at home I timed my trip to perfection! BFN!
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