Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lunch a tour and a tasting

Bernard and Jen took myself and the new French couple(Sandrine and David, who are nice) out for lunch and a tour of the countryside and we ended up in a small winery for a tasting. I took a few snaps here they are. We returned home at 3 and Bernards Daughter, Husband and Grand daughter turned up for lunch. Another big family affair which we (the helpxers) are always included in. They are so welcoming and it's very interesting to chat to new people. The whole family on both sides (except Luke) are professionals of one sort or another, they all turn up in the biggest suv's you've seen, but have all been nice people. In fact Brian and Carmella, Bernards son and daughter in law who came for lunch on Saturday lived for 3 and 6 years respectively in London, where they met. But coincidentally lived for most of that time in Rotherhithe which is minutes from where I live. Again lovely chatty people, very easy going and welcoming.
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