Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Man it's HOT!

Went to a place called Heronswood today. A beautiful old house from the 1870's, with avery nice european style garden and plant nursery. Jen and I picked up her friend Denice and we mooched around and bought some plants for Jens garden. It was absolutely roasting, infact we all went around with sun parasols provided. We were going to go for a drink at the seperate bar/restaurant they have but were told that it had closed at 2. We ended up drinking water from the garden hose we were so desperate. The shocking thing though was when we got back in the car to return home and the temperature was reading 52 degrees!!!! I'm writing this at 20.51 and it's still 34! There's been some bush fires quite locally, not huge but we saw the firefighting helicopters gpoing back and forth. Jen has been speaking to her sister on the phone, who owns a small vineyard and said that there has been 3 deliberately lit fires all extremely close to her and 10 fire engines have attended. Just going to have something to eat, not long back from the beach for a cooling swim, at moment sitting outside watching the sun go down drinking an ice cold beer.
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