Thursday, 29 January 2009

Couldn't be a gardener here.

It's just too much like hard work, 4 hours and I'm absolutely knackered. The ground everywhere is solid and bone dry, it takes ages just to plant a single plant. I'm constantly having to drink gallons of water and that searing sun is dangerous. Seem to be spending as much time as possible at the moment indoors with blinds drawn and fans on, which seems ridiculous bearing in mind how far I've travelled to get here, but I would melt if I was outside at the moment. New french couple arrives here today, don't know how old they are but I hope I get on with them better than th last ones. Seem to have run into abit of a problem as well, in as much as the people I was hoping to spend time with next in a place called Cape Otway, about 3 hours west of Melbourne aren't returning my emails, even though they were very keen for me to come before I left the UK. Not sure what I'm going to do, don't really want to spend any time very far inland, but I may not have an option. Only other alternative is to pay for soome accomodation, which might not be a bad thing as the children go back to school this week and prices come down as it's now low season.
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