Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm afraid I've nothing much to report. It's been very low key here, work has been fine, slowly working through Jans garden, throwing out lots of rubbish, planting aa few new things, but nothing overly interesting. Weather has been very nice, lovely temperature, no humidity. I've driven down to Praia de Luz beach a couple of times, its walkable, but obviously as this is Portugal there aren't pavements, so you take your life in your hands. Went to a party in Lagos the other night, hosted by a german lady called Barbera that Jan knows. She had a lovely 3 bedroom apartment, very clean and scandinavian. The crowd was older than me, either German, Dutch or English, expats and regular visitors. We ended up walking down to a bar which unfortunately had a Karaoke machine, so then had to endure the rest of the evening listening to terrible singers! There has been talk of me going up and working at a friend of Jans called Ruth. She has a very large property that I've visited, where she breeds horses and Rhodesian ridgeback dogs. She lost her husband about a year ago and is struggling with finances etc. The place is a total mess! and she's the sort of dog breeder that falls in love with a couple pf pups from every litter so has about 8 wandering around, together with the crap they make! I've been snorkelling a couple of times, the water is teeming with fish, nothing brightly coloured, but loads of them, but the water is freezing! TTFN
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