Sunday, 24 May 2009


It's now Sunday morning, a beautiful sunny (very) warm day. I'd be sweating buckets if I was working today, the humidity is a real killer, luckily I don't work weekends so I'm free all day. Yesterday was quite a good one, we decided to go to the (long) weekend Rodeo. It's some public holiday here, Suzy isn't sure which, she's lives her whole life off-grid so has lost track of stuff like that. Unfortunately the main events take place on Monday, so we only got to see the preliminary qualifications. But it was still good although lacking in any sort of showmanship or razzamatazz.
We are still having our ups and downs, I think a big part of the problem is that Suzy has lived alone for a while now and is very set in her ways and routines. This creates problems that I'm unaware of, for instance, I'm making gates for her vegetable garden, with odds and sods that are lying about, the tools I've been using I tend to leave in one place so that I can go straight to them the following day without having to unearth them again in Suzy's shed. Suzy pulled me up about this and told me I have to return everything to it's proper place. The thing is she is a very independant, capable woman who has done so much stuff in her life, including being a carpenter and re-modelling houses, so she can't be fobbed off with excuses and she will stand her ground. I feel I've been lured here under slightly false pretences as she only really wants the 'Donkey' work done. She went out and bought loads of veggie seeds to plant and I would have taken a while to consider where things should be planted according to how quick things grow and how tall things get and whether things are going to need to be staked etc etc but she just hastily threw things in nilly-willy and when I raise possible problems she'll say 'Oh- we just have different ideas about planting stuff!'
I actually thought we broke some ground yesterday having spent virtually all day together, afdter dinner last night she showed me the movie service she subscribes to and gets dvd's sent over from Oahu, she has a huge list of films people have recommended and asked me if I could add to the list, and said I could change the list around for my preferences when she leaves for California(even though I don't think I'm gonna be here that long). But got up this morning as I could here some jazz playing on the radio, Suzy was already in front of her easel painting. Straight away I could feel an atmosphere, which I ignored and said 'Good Morning etc' she was monosyllabic and evasive and I'm thinking 'What have I done wrong now?' Anyway I made breakfast for myself(she's had hers already before you ask) and made her some ginger tea, she attempted to start a conversation, saying she got some nice photos yesterday, but would sort-of like to go back for the main event on Monday as the pics were just generic cowboy shots and could have been anywhere in the US, as they would be wearing, Hawaiian(style) outfits on the big day. But it didn't go anywhere and I made my excuses and am sitting outside my cabin writing this as I speak.
Think it might be a good idea to stay out of her way today, she told me she usually has Sunday off from painting so perhaps she is feeling the pressure of the impending show and all the work she has got to do before then. I must say though she knocks the paintings out like a conveyor belt and has about half a dozen already sketched on canvas waiting to go.
I managed to use the car the other day and went into town, because it started raining(as usual in the afternoons) I ended up taking shelter in Starbucks. They have this hideous slug and snail related disease here that is akin to meningitis, and I mentioned to Suzy that used up ground coffee has been shown to be a deterent so when I ordered my caramel frappaccino I managed to blag a big bag of old coffee as well. The town (Hilo) feels pretty run-down and quite scuzzy in places, I'd seen on a map that there was a mall within walking distance so had a stroll. It was the most sad tired place I've ever been to, the shops were just so old fashioned and tacky. I was literally in and out in 2 minutes. Apparently there is a big new mall back towards the airport so I might go there today and have a mooch, I need a new belt the leather one I've been wearing all the time, including really sweaty times when working has started to really smell bad, probably mildew or something but I can't bear it anymore. Apparently there are some nice beaches out that way as well so I may take a look, seeing that in nearly 3 weeks of being here I haven't been in the water once! TTFN
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