Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wednesday evening here(actually Friday, just not had a chance to post), last couple of days workwise have been quite easy, no gardening, just painting-woodwork. Finally finished the gates I made for the veggie patch, I thought as they were made of bits of old wood laying around, of all different shapes and sizes, Suzy would go for the ramshackle natural look, but she decided that they had to be painted red. Not just toshed up mind but sanded down and primed and then 2 top coats, with 6 hours to dry between each! When she saw that I could use a paintbrush she decided that all of her doors downstairs needed painting as only the outsides were painted. Weather has been pretty good so I've been wielding the brush in only a pair of shorts and a hat. Other than the painting I've been helping with the Kochi (pronounced Coke-ee) frog problem. Suzy is absolutely obsessesd with it. Apparently they came from Puerto Rico and have taken over, the male sings all night calling females, I find the noise they make rather pleasant just like a bird tweeting, but it keeps Suzy awake all night, or so she says. I'd already cleared the forest paths to the side of her garden so we could go and find it the other night but when Suzy realised that it was just out of reach in her neighbours field, I was sent to clear an area of Razor grass. This stuff grows to about 7 foot and is covered in really irritating hairs that itch like crazy, So yesterday I was togged up in a rain suit to go and fall over! This is the only way to sort it out without heavy machinery, you have to stand with your back to it, covered head to toe-including a hood, arms outstretched and fall backwards, flattening it. An hour later of sweating buckets, in a suit that didn't breath in about 80% humidity and I was ready to collapse. We then went out that night with 2 buckets of lime and headtorches, Suzy was in the aforementioned rain suit, I stupidly in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt(the mossies saw me coming!). We followed the Kochi's call until we were right on top of it, Suzy said we wouldn't see it as they hide in plants leaf axials, so when she decided that it was where she thought it was she started slinging lime everywhere!! I got out of there quick-smart, what a horrible way to die! The upshot was that I think she got her way as, there wasn't any singing last night.
It seems that Suzy is rather competitive as well, when I showed her the photos I had taken at the Rodeo, she decided that we had to go back the following day, I wanted to go on the Monday the last day when all the Bucking horses and bulls perform but she was adamant that Saturday would be the better day, so off we went again. It turns out she doesn't really know how to use her flash Cannon digital slr and had it set the first day to a really high quality setting which only gave her about 30 shots on her memory card. I had to show her how to alter the quality settings, which gave her a thousand shots on the same card. I still had a good time, we sort of went our own ways doing and shooting what we wanted. There were lot's of kids events and a few people were dressed in fancy shirts and many more spectators than the first day. I got some nice portraits which I've posted below, but I still don't thiink Suzy got anything interesting as she hasn't shown me any of her stuff.
On the Monday of memorial weekend Suzy decided we should go to her favourite beach, so off we set after lunch. As it was a long weekend the beaches were packed with families everywhere. The beaches are tiny affairs with lots of rocks(volcanic) and black sand. Nearly every beach has a small lagoon behind it where the little children hang out. I'm not big on crowds so didn't really feel comfortable laying a towel down about 6 foot from the next person. I decided to get straight in the water, we'd brought snorkelling gear along so I grabbed a mask and fins and went out. Initially I was really dissapointed as all underwater was grey and colourless until a bit fiurther out I spotted my first fish. Apart from an aquarium I've never seen such colourful species, they were all spectacular! Apparently there are lot's of turtles in the area as well. I've brought with me a waterproof camera so plan to go back on a sunny day to hopefully get some nice pictures.
Suzy had another conference call with her sister and brother and fathers 'realtor' back in the states, regarding selling her fathers house in California, they want $3,000,000 for it but the realtor is recommending taking an offer of $2,750,000. It turns out after talking to her that after paying off outstanding loans and the cost of her fathers health costs, he is in sheltered housing-he's in his 90's they are hoping to cop about $300,000 each. Suzy told me she owes about $50,000 on her property which is all borrowed on credit card. She also let slip that she actually owns 3 other properties in the states, all with tenants, so much for the non materialistic hippy facade she projects.
I'm becoming really bored of an evening here now. There's no chance of going into town (6 miles away)and having a drink as there is no bus or taxi service. So we tend to eat at about 6.30 by 7 it's pitch black, then I do the washing up and Suzy normally puts the TV on, she's only got about 6 channels and it's all rubbish with endless commercial breaks, which Suzy can't stand so either turns the volume off, or changes channel. She has a sofa and one chair which I have to sit on and it's the most uncomfortable thing ever. So at about 8-8.30 I make my excuses and go to my cabin. The conversation isn't great when the TV is on, Suzy gets this open mouth Zombie face on and looks they she's hypnotized! I reckon I'll only last another 2 weeks here, unless things pick up drastically, I'm afraid that Hawaii Big Island isn't on my list of all time favourite places. TTFN
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