Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sunday morning here on the Big Island. Suzie's had a lay in and up at 6.30 instead of 6, it's not a bad looking day, yesterday morning was very foggy or what they call 'voggy' as it's volcanic related. Apparently it's quite toxic as well and is on a comparison with LA for it's nastiness, something that's not advertised before you arrive! Apart from going into Hilo yesterday, I haven't seen any more of the island I keep on expecting Suzie to offer the use of the car but it never is. The young cowboy (yes they have cowboys here!) guys came to do the fence yesterday instead of today, they mangaged to do it in a few hours, it's a horrible wire fence that they had to bury about a foot into the ground to deter the pigs from digging under. The only problem I can see is that Suzie wanted 2 gates-one at each end and obviously they can't be buried so I would guess it's only a matter of time before the pigs discover the weak points and plan their attack!
Suzy said something yesterday about meeting up with Dave her neighbour, who also uses helpers(wwoofers) for a bite to eat. I'd really prefer to get out and see some sights but I'll go with the flow.
I really like my little cabin in the garden, I'm sleeping very well, even though the humidity's quite high here it's pleasantly cool of an evening.
It seems that the plan of La Sensoir staying here when Suzie returns to the mainland is now a definate, which I'm abit put out about, again this wasn't something mentioned before I flew out. I honestly think her over the top personality and pseudo spiritual rubbish will drive me mad. Suzie in conversation will mention spiritual guides and advisers etc etc but doesn't ram it down my throat, she has been told by a few spirit guides that she should be writing instead of painting. To be honest I get the feeling she doesn't make alot of money from her art. When I questioned her about finances it appears that she relies on an income from a property she owns in Berkley, California, I'm guessing without that she wouldn't be able to survive out here.
She works purely from photos she takes at the regular cultural events and directly paints whats in the photos without any sort of artistic interpretation at all, she has 3 canvases on the go at the moment, almost like a production line. She said to me last night that she wished 'I' could make her do 6 hours painting a day, I get the feeling there's a lack of motivation. She has to paint about another 10 pictures by the end of June in 6 weeks time, I think she's got her work cut out.
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