Tuesday, 19 May 2009

No Photos

Sorry there's a lack of pictures to look at but I'm seriously struggling trying to find subject matter. There's lots of rainforest which gets boring after a while and the sky tends to be grey and overcast in the afternoons when I'm free so everthing looks a bit miserable. I did take some snaps of the interior of Suzies place but forgot to put them on my pen drive so next time. One sweet thing here is Sid the cockatiel. Suzies had him for 15 years, apparently they live til they're 20ish which I was surprised at. She had a love bird as well called Peaches who died last year who was Sids constant companion. Suzie has a framed photo of Peaches on her side table and for comfort Sid will go and sit by the photo and fall asleep, Suzie says he misses her alot!
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