Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sydney contd..

Well I’ve moved from the place I was staying at originally right near Central station, to my old haunt Kings Cross.
The place is right on the main drag of Darlinghurst road-you simply couldn’t get any closer to anything. Again a bit of delay getting checked in, so I went and had breakfast. The lift’s a bit of a lottery and refuses to stop on my floor, the 6th, but going up to 7th and walking down two flights of stairs isn’t a hardship. I can actually see the opera house and Bridge from my window. It feels more like an hotel rather than a backpackers. I booked a twin to myself for 2 nights incase it was a bit scuzzy, but when I went up and saw the room and more importantly the bathroom-an ensuite, I rushed down to reception and booked another 2 nights, to take me up to the 18th when I fly home. It’s actually classed as a family room and has 2 bunk beds, one of which is a double. It gets cleaned everyday-unlike the last place, for about 30 quid a night couldn’t ask for more. Weather has been lovely, sunny and warm and walking around Sydney has reminded me why I like it so much. Melbourne and Victoria were great, but the constant threat of bushfire the water shortages seem to make it like a hard place to live. Sydney is so lush and green and combined with the old colonial architecture make it such an attractive place. Everyone seems to have a smile on their face. The other thing I’ve noticed is that Sydneysiders like a tan as much as we do. The people in Victoria were some of the palest I have seen. Very few would sunbathe to get a colour, infact most people seemed to avoid the sun at all costs. Sydneysiders are real beach people, which isn’t surprising seeing the number they have.
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