Sunday, 15 March 2009


The Navy’s in town and there are sailors getting drunk everywhere. 15 Naval ships entered the harbour the other day, and thousands of seamen marched down George street the other morning, unfortunately I was too busy changing accom to go and see it. The majority of boats are moored in Woolloomooloo bay, I wandered down there the other afternoon and grabbed a famous ‘Tiger’ pie at ‘Harry’s’ café de wheels. (steak and kidney, topped with mash and mushy peas with a pool of gravy on top….delicious!!) They are very impressive and apparently the Australian Navy are desperate for recruits. The seamen, once they have a few beers seem very relaxed about mixing ranks, have seen quite a few girls in uniform too. I did see a young lady (not navy) on Sunday morning with what looked like a genuine Navy hat on her head, I’d imagine the sailor she got it from would get into all sorts of trouble for leaving it behind!
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