Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thursday update

It was all going so well! whilst briish couple were here we all had a good time, when they left and it was just me and Jen and her son Luke-no worries. But things have taken a slight downturn. The french couple who had stayed here before and were in Tazmania when I arrived returned. They seemed fine at first, and you know I'm not one of those people who hate the french, but they've strolled in and act like they own the place. We've chatted about where they've been etc but at dinner last night it was sort of hard work. They seem to have Jen wrapped around their little finger and I'm really getting to dislike Ben the bloke. He swans around with a supercilious smile on his face, like the cat that got the cream. Also whenever it's just me and them they do that huddling together thing of talking in hushed tones, Wouldn't be able to understand anything they said anyway, but as soon as I hear 'Rosbeef' I might fly off the handle. My main gripe is the work commitment we as guests are supposed to do. Yesterday I again got up at 6am to water the garden. Which as far as I'm concerned is an easy way to kill 2 hours of my 4-5 hours commitment. Jen and I then went to a local market to buy some plants, luckily this time she considered this work so by the time we got back to the house I was able to knock off for the day. On our return the frenchies had only just got up so didn't start work until about 10.30. They then knocked off at 1pm, I put this down to the fact that they had arrived late the previous night and Jen had been sympathetic. Anyway today, Jen had to babysit her grandchildren all day in town and was up and gone by 7am, she won't be back until 9-10pm. I got up and stared work at 7.30 to finish at 12, the frenchies surfaced at 9.30 and sauntered around in no great hurry. At 12 I packed up and jumped straight in the shower when I came out 20 mins later, Caroline was messing about on Jens Mac and Ben was sitting outside on the patio with his feet up. I'd asked him to water some plants I'd just pruned prior to knocking off and wasn't sure if he'd done it asked him if he had, he looked at me a bit indignant and said 'of course!' I asked if they were finished for the day and he said 'yes' and I asked if they didn't do 4-5 hours like I did, he said something about having to go to Frankston the local town, but as I'm typing this an hour after finishing work they're still dossing around. They're returning home on Monday I wish it was tomorrow! although it appears that they are going to be replaced by another french couple immediately after. I must admit I feel like a bit of a mug, but I just can't take advantage of that sort of situation.
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