Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Second day catch-up

39 degrees today, just really intense no humidity just searing heat. Managed to get the use of Jens car today so had a mooch around. Went into Mornington a lovely little town had a coffee and a beer and then down to snapper point which looks back to Mornington beach, all spotlessly clean and scenic, infact could have been in Italy or Spain. I felt like that the other day when walking around the city. I was in an area called Fitzroy and there's this one long street called Lygon. It's full of italian restaurants and Gelaterias and bars/coffee shops, I could have been in Rome! Then drove back via the Esplanade which is the costal road, the properties here are stunning, either very modern with lots of glass and straight lines or old colonial style with lots of wrought iron work and corrugated iron roofs.The kids are still on summer holiday out here so plenty of sprogs all over the place. I'm really blown away with the peninsular I always had a love for Sydney but I think it's even nicer here. I will take some normal holiday pictures soon so you can see what I mean, I'm Factor 30+ all the way from now. suffering from my stupidity on Saturday and peeling badly, so am trying to avoid the sun until I can do it all over again.
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