Friday, 23 January 2009

Just woke up

It's Saturday morning here and I'm free all day, it's a long weekend as well because on Monday it's Australia day. I'm thinking about heading back into town-bus and train ride, perhaps do a bit of shopping as I desperately need a hat with a peak as my nose is constantly peeling. Was also thinking about going to see some tennis at the Rod Laver stadium as the Australian Open is on at the moment. I thought I'd check the weather forecast to see whats happening, 19-sunny today, 24-sunny sunday, 26-sunny monday, 37!-sunny tuesady, 42!!!-sunny wednesday. God help me on thursday!(I tried to post a screenshot but for some reason it wouldn't load, so if you don't believe me check out the bbc weather site). I went to the local beach bike bike yesterday afternoon for the first time, here are a couple of crappy photos taken on my mobile. As well as a picture of the driveway to the house lined with Agapanthus that grows like a weed everywhere and some cockatoos, not in a zoo or cage, feeding on the floor of a paddock. I will take some pictures of the house and gardens soon, unfortunately because of the lack of rain the grass here is the colour of straw so ruins the look of everything.
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