Saturday, 17 January 2009

I've now left the city, which was sort of a shame because I was just getting my bearings and getting over my jet-lag. It's not difficult city to negotiate as it's laid out in a grid. There's so much to see and do, the choice of places to eat is mind blowing and just the general feel to the place is very much on a human scale. In fact it's gotten so under my skin I'd say I like it more than Sydney where I lived for a year many years ago. Anyway I'm now down in Mount Martha on the Mornington peninsular, which is an hours train ride south east of Melbourne and a beautiful part of the world. The sun came out proper yesterday and I like a stupid pom got a little too much of it. I'm staying with the Rooneys a husband and wife who I'm going to do some part-time gardening work for in exchange for bed and board. He's a GP who spends the working week away from home and she's a young retiree looking for some help around the place. We met up on 'Helpexchange' which is a website that for a small joining up fee acts as a medium to arrange these sort of exchanges. They have a young British couple already staying here who are leaving shortly. We had a lovely alfresco lunch, lot's of local vino flowed. Then a quick tour of the area and in the evening a delicious BBQ (what else!) which became quite rowdy at one stage as we all put the world to rights. Didn't get to bed until the early hours, very much the worse for wear! So hopefully gonna be here for a couple of weeks at least and Jennifer the lady of the house has said that her sister who owns a small boutigue winery is probably gonna be able to use me as well. Funnily enough on the flight over I sat next to a 76 y/o Melburnian returning from a stay in the UK and when he discovered I was coming to the Mornington peninsular offered me the use of his caravan down here. I think this is gonna be a good trip!
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