Saturday, 24 January 2009

Good but No!!!

Well as yesterday was a free day decided to get the train back into town and catch some of the Australian Open tennis. $29.00 bought me a ground pass for the day which let me onto the outside courts and Margaret Court arena. Luckily the first game I saw included an Aussie so the 'Bogus' army were there singing their hearts out. They had a good library of one-liners all done in good humour and respect to the players. Unfortunately when I dug around in my bag and pulled out my camera I realised I hadn't put the battery in that I'd charged the previous night, which was a complete nightmare! I'd rushed out of the house to catch the bus to the train and hadn't even picked up my telephone,so had no way of taking any pictures. So sorry nothing to show! For $29.00 it was great value, I saw the Aussie juniour Bernard Tomic play doubles, the 'Bogus' army's funniest line when the game reached deuce was 'we don't want deuce, we want Tomic water!' Because of the daytime heat here, all of the top flight games are played in the evening and I had to leave (because of last buses)as Gonzlaez and Gasquet were about to start, it ended up being a 5 set classic and went to Gonzalez 12-10 in the final set. Are well I've done Wimbledon and Melbourne, Roland Garros(Paris), New York next. Up today (Sunday) at 6, to water te garden, the Frenchies left about 30mins ago, so I'm the only helper here at the moment. Jen and Bernard are going to a neighbours for lunch today and said I can take the car. They said I should go right down to the end of the peninsular via Portsea and Sorrento, apparently there are some good walks and great scenery, so I'll make sure to take a camera that's capable of taking pictures this time. Luke, Jens son is a man of feww words, who loves his cricket and I'm sure the novelty of having stragers in the house all the time has worn off. BUt that's OK, it's just a case of respecting everyones space and being as low impact as possible, I'm sure he'll open up a bit more as time goes on.
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