Monday, 11 August 2008


I'm trying to buy a new car at the moment, one of the least enjoyable things I can think of doing-I'm not a car person. I took one for a test drive today from a neighbour and friend, who is a car dealer, of my clients in Kent. Whilst driving I realised I was sitting on my ipod so took it out of my pocket and placed it in the central cubby hole. After dropping the car off and returning to work I realised I had left the ipod in the car, so returned to get it. It wasn't there! I asked the bloke who helps out if he had picked it up, he said no, we both went through the car with a fine tooth comb, to no avail. There was only one other person around, a chap who was doing some work on other cars- I now think he nicked it. I retraced my steps and ransacked my shed incase I had dropped it-nothing! Why are some people like this?
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