Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cy Twombly

Had a look at the Cy Twombly show at Tate modern today, if you like his stuff go, if you don't like his stuff don't. I like the energy of his paintings and get as much reading about the inspirations behind them. I watched a tv programme about Stanley Kubrick last night and how obsessional he was, filing everything into boxes. He spent 2 years researching a film he was going to make about the holocaust in which time Steven Spielberg had researched, shot and released Schindlers list, which Kubrick thought would be 'too hard an act to follow' so abandoned his film. Twomblys paintings and obsessions seemed similar. I know alot of people would look and say 'but that's just scribble' in fact I heard one lady say 'well, I'm glad I didn't pay to see this!' I can see their point, but they (the paintings)strike a chord with me. I also like the fact that he uses household paint and simple media like pencil and crayon, I suppose it inspires me to go home and try and recreate something similar-plagarist that I am. Anyway didn't take any pictures of the work but lot's of blurry images instead, which I sort of like.



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