Saturday, 17 May 2008

Everyone else is, so why not?

Hi, to anyone that may stumble upon my little piece of cyberspace. I'm very much a late comer to all that's technology based, but have fully embraced what it offers now. I live in London, UK. I decided to blog as a discipline to see if I could. I'm quite lazy if not pushed, so thought this might give me the impetus to start being creative again after a long lay-off. I earn my living as a Gardener. A couple of days ago I picked up a pen a pad again and started to sketch, I like to draw faces and have to stop myself getting bogged down in detail. I enjoy photography as well and thought what I'd do is try to post a sketch and photo everyday and if I have anything to say or come across something worth sharing I will do. So here goes my first blog-how exciting!
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